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Top Reasons to Sell Your Car to Our Dealership


Selling your vehicle might seem stressful but choosing to sell at our Hopkinsville dealership makes it easier. Our online appraisal helps you see what your vehicle is worth, and our team can answer any questions. Selling to our dealership means you won't need to deal with the difficulties of a private sale. With a quick and hassle-free process, it can be easy to see why many drivers have chosen to sell to our dealership!


Find Out the Fair Market Value of Your Vehicle


Using our online appraisal tool lets you know what your vehicle is worth. We only need basic details of your car, truck, or SUV for our team to start the process. You'll need to visit our dealership so we can confirm the details of your vehicle before giving you a check for its value.

We buy cars near Russellville, so you don't need to negotiate with strangers trying to pay the least for the model you are selling!


Selling Your Vehicle

If you're interested in selling your vehicle to our dealership, then follow our easy three-step process listed below.

Step One

To start the selling process, customers must fill out our online form. We require your contact info like your name, phone number, and email address. As well as your vehicle information like your car's make, model, year, and mileage.

Step Two

Next, you'll need to make an appointment to have your vehicle appraised. By bringing your vehicle to our dealership for an appraisal, our team can inspect your ride, ensure that all the information you listed on the online form was accurate, and get a proper estimate of your car. Our appraisers can also answer questions about the process, so you clearly understand what they're looking for.

Step Three

Finally, we'll make an offer. If you like the offer we make, you can leave with a check that day, or if you're looking to buy another car, you can use your vehicle's value toward the down payment of a new or used model.

No-Obligation Process


Filling out our form doesn't lock you into anything. You can let us know if you change your mind about selling during any step of the process. Choosing to take the offer doesn't come with any strings either. You can take the money to use for any aspect of your life and don't need to put it towards a new or used vehicle from our dealership.

We want to ensure you have every option available after selling your vehicle!


Have Questions? Our Team can Help!


Our experts look forward to helping you make more space in your garage or driveway. There are only three simple steps between you and selling your car, truck, or SUV to our dealership. We've helped many Clarksville drivers and want you to be next!


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